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Anyone can apply for college. It’s getting accepted that is the challenge. 

Top schools in the United States receive tens of thousands of applications each year and are extremely selective in who they decide to admit. I've put my decade of experience with college admissions, resources, processes, and guides into one 7-day challenge to ensure you begin on the right foot. 

Applying to college is a multi-step process, and just one mistake could be the difference between an acceptance letter or a rejection letter. When you participate in the 7-Day College Application Kickoff, you’ll receive everything you need to ensure your application lands in the "Admit!" pile.

What does it include?

The 7-Day College application kickoff includes a 19-page workbook to help you fine-tune your application, 38 resources (including worksheets, outlines, templates, spreadsheets, real examples, and useful websites) and 7 daily videos to keep you on task and on time. 

All of these resources were created or curated by my team of admissions professionals and myself, and they are up to date with all college admissions guidelines and requirements.

What happens after 7 days?

When you’ve completed the 7-Day College Application Kickoff, you’ll be miles above the rest when it comes to preparing your applications. You’ll have completed your:

     👉School list
     👉Application theme
     👉Common App activity list
     👉Recommender brag sheets
     👉First draft of your personal statement  

…AND you’ll have identified your personal qualities and guiding values - all of which will help you personalize your application as a whole and tackle your supplemental essays.

Get started toward your dream school

The 7-Day College Application Kickoff takes the stress away from applying to college, so you can focus on and enjoy your school and personal life.
But don’t wait until the last minute! The sooner you get started with your applications, the stronger they will be and the more time you'll have to enjoy everything senior year has to offer. Don't be one of those stressed students submits sub-par apps at the last minute. Get started today!


The college app challenge if right for any student who needs to better understand and get started on the college application process, (or any parent who wants to support their student through it). Regardless of whether you haven't even started thinking about college or you've been working through your application "to do" list since Freshman year, the challenge will help you develop a strong foundation to work from during college app season. You'll get a head start on your (1) Your college list, including research that will support your supplemental essay writing (2) Your personalized application theme (3) Your activity list (4) Your student resume (5) Your brag sheets for strong letters of recommendation (6) Your unique qualities and values to personalize your application, and (7) Your primary application essay - the personal statement. If that sounds like something you could use, the 7 Day College Application Challenge is right for you!

AND the 7 Day College Application Challenge is right for you if you're looking for a little extra accountability to make your applications a priority this summer. Because you're busy. I designed the course to be quick and resource-laden for this exact reason. Getting started on your college applications now WILL help you put together strong, strategic applications and WILL reduce your overall stress, especially as application season ramps up over the fall.

To moment you sign up. You will receive access to the first portion of the work book and the first day's challenge. You will be given access to one challenge each subsequent day. I specifically release one challenge per day to avoid overwhelm and keep you focused on one task at a time.

Throughout the challenge (and in the weeks following its conclusion) reach out to me directly at any time for support implementing what you've learned or to have your tricky questions answered.

Don't worry about it! You can access the daily challenge, videos, and resources as soon as they're opened to you, so you can complete them as your schedule allows. Plus, when you enroll in the 7 Day College Application Challenge, you receive a bonus 30 day extension, which means you'll have access to all the content for a month after you wrap up the initial 7 days. However, after that 30 day extension, the materials will no longer be available, so  make sure you make up any missed tasks and keep your applications a priority!

I believe in the power of starting college applications early. And I believe the information and guidance in this challenge should be made available to everyone, no matter their financial situation. That's why the enrollment price is so affordable.

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Kimberly VanderWeert

Kimberly VanderWeert, founder of World Awaits Academic Consulting, is a highly sought-after college admissions consultant who specializes in helping students like you maximize their chances of success. 

Kimberly spent several years teaching internationally, developing nationally-adopted English language curriculum and standardized testing materials. In the United States, she taught high school and college-level English in diverse environments, professionally prepared students for college entrance exams, including the ACT and SAT, and helped students craft state-recognized essays and applications. As an international college admissions counselor, Kimberly has successfully enrolled students in top-tier, Ivy, private, and public higher education institutions.